Salt of the Earth

As Christians, we are the hands and feet of God, seasoning the world by sharing his love. At St. Andrew’s, we are blessed with outstanding clergy and staff, a beautiful building, and a wonderful congregation. We love to get together in our Sunday’s best to worship and visit, but what happens the rest of the week is where we really shine. Each month we will highlight a parishioner, providing a glimpse of what they do when they aren’t here. How they fulfill their calling to be the Salt of the Earth.

Bob Bouzek

Bob is a relative new comer to St. Andrews.  2 years ago he started coming with his daughter Janie, but he wasn’t always an Episcopalian.  He grew up in Prairie du Chien, Wisconsin, and was raised Roman Catholic.  He was, as he puts it, “kidnapped into the Episcopal Church”, when he married the daughter of an Episcopal priest. He moved to Chicago in 1967.  Before the move, he was the editor of a newspaper in Milwauke
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Jim Kartsounes

Jim Kartsounes is the picture of humility.  Why?  I don’t know.  He’s an amazing man, part of a beautiful family, with a successful career, who does so much for our church.  What’s there to be humble about? Jim grew up in Downers Grove.  As a kid, he created some of his fondest memories at St. Andrews.  He attended Downers Grove South High School, then College of DuPage, and he graduated from North Central College in
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Louise Kelly

It would be impossible to separate Louise Kelly from music.  It just flows through her.  She plays, creates, and shares music with her friends and family.  She teaches music for the Hillside school district, and plays piano with a pop string ensemble at weddings and events (https://www.backthird.com/pop-strings/piano-samples/). Louise comes from a musical family.  She grew up in the area, the youngest of 5, and both
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Jim Hoover

  Jim Hoover does not live at St. Andrews, nor can I find any evidence that he is being held captive, chained to the organ.  The powers that be will neither confirm nor deny any of this… Either way, music has always been a huge part of Jim’s life.  At his childhood home, in Youngstown, Ohio, he and his three sisters were required to take 4 years of piano lessons.  He found he liked it, and continued to play thro
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Katrine Rundo

At first, I didn’t put it all together.  I knew that Katrine was 94, and I found out that she was born on the small island of Mors in Denmark.  However, until she mentioned it, I didn’t realize that she was a teenager when the Germans invaded her country!  Wow.  Not only did she live through that, but she also has vivid memories of it.  Katrine has memories of her brother being sent to a concentration camp, and memor
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Noah Van Dam

Noah Van Dam landed at St Andrews a little over a year ago. In that time, he has become an integral part of our fabric. He sings in our choir, he’s active in worship, and I think I even saw him grill some brats at Church Fest. (Noah’s thesis) Noah was born into an Episcopalian family in New Jersey. They moved around a lot, so he has lived in number of places including: Raleigh, Orlando, Des Moines (his parents
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Helen Hanson

  Helen Hanson has been an Episcopalian ever since she can remember.  What’s interesting is that she is of the rare St. Andrews sect.  What’s that?  It consists of people that only attend churches named St. Andrews!  She grew up in Patterson, New Jersey where her family attended St. Andrews Episcopal Church in Lincoln Park.  In 1973, she moved to Downers Grove with her husband, Douglas.  She’s been attending our
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Pongo (and Jack Hickey)

Please welcome the newest member of our parish, Pongo.  He is a 7-month-old standard poodle, and is training to be Jack Hickey’s service dog.  For those of you who don’t know Jack (Hickey that is), he has autism along with a high degree of anxiety.  Pongo helps calm Jack, and when you meet him you will understand why.  He is a very sweet, well-mannered, and patient companion. > Currently, Pongo is in training.  Every
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Cal Turner

  Cal Turner has been a member of St. Andrews for almost 30 years.  At that time, he was living in Lisle and accepted an invitation from a neighbor (those invites actually work).  Since then, he has been very involved, and serves as an Usher and a Eucharistic Minister. Cal was born and raised in Chicago.  After high school, he joined the military.  He served our country as a Marine from 1966-1969, during the hea
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